What is an Endangered Species?

What does it mean to be an endangered species?

An “endangered species” means that an animal is in danger of becoming extinct or completely disappear from the earth.  They need help to continue to survive and that is important.

A “threatened species” is a warning that there is a problem of some kind with the species. It means that it may become endangered if we don’t take immediate steps to protect it.

Animals that are considered to be “endangered” are in danger and need our immediate attention and protection.

Species need to be protected and saved so that future generations can experience their presence and value. Plants and animals also serve many other beneficial purposes to humans including ecological, medicinal, agricultural, and commercial uses.  About 40% of our medicine is made from things found in nature, and we have only explored about 5% of the known plant species for medicines.

Plants and animals also have a fragile balance in nature that is affected greatly when one on its inhabitants is no longer there.

How many species are on the endangered species list?

Just in the United States, there are about 450 animals on the endangered species list, and about 160 that are currently threatened.

Worldwide, there are about 975 animals on the endangered species list and 200 listed as threatened.

We believe that more needs to be done to protect these animals.  The only way to save these endangered animals for our children’s futures is to start to teach our children about them today.