Story Of CMK Misfits

The Story of the PocketFuzzies

CMK Misfits, LLC is a new and innovative plush company located in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Did you ever say to yourself….”Why don’t they come out with this”, or “Why doesn’t someone invent that?” Well two friends, Catherine Schuessler and Karen Paschel spoke those same words several times, and after years in the making, they decided to take it to the next level. In 2012, Cathy and Karen launched their own business with a unique and specialty line of plush animals called “PocketFuzzies.”

Growing up with a compassion for wildlife and conservation, and a love for ALL animals, Karen and Cathy each had their own collection of plush animals. And of course, they each raised their own children with the teaching and respect of wildlife and conservation, and their kids had beautiful collections of stuffed animals. But what was missing among these collections over the generations? They always had beautiful stuffed teddy bears, tigers, puppy dogs and elephants, but what about the tarsiers, linsangs and binturongs?….they thought. And all the other amazing animals that come from all different countries from around the world?

1661285_1390598264543113_2037122766_nAfter searching everywhere for these amazing animals with no luck in their findings, they decided to come out with their own plush line of stuffed toys. These animals were going to be a collection of all the animals that have been forgotten about and hidden away in all different environments and in the deep rainforests throughout the world. There are so many amazing animals in the world and most people don’t even know they exist!  Many of these animals are endangered or on the brink of extinction. With that thought, they decided to introduce these amazing animals through a plush line so children and adults can learn about them and add them to all their collections of stuffed animals, and open the door to a whole new world of plush animals! Not only are the plush animals adorable and playful, but each have a educational tag that explains about the animal and where it’s from.

Cathy and Karen are two friends on a mission to raise awareness of conservation, respect for wildlife and to introduce some of the most unusual, beautiful animals that you ever imagined existed. And yes, the animals really do exist! And because they want everyone to feel they’re playing their part in conservation, they’ve decided to donate a portion of all sales to an active organization for endangered species or wildlife conservation.

We certainly hope all children and adults can join us on our mission! Welcome to PocketFuzzies!