Tarsier Stuffed Animal (with story booklet)

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Hi. I’m a tarsier and I am a snuggly and cute stuffed animal.  What makes me unique is that I am more than just a plush stuffed animal; I am also a rare and endangered animal.  Kids like you love to play and cuddle with me. I can also help to teach kids about endangered species and how everyone can help to protect animals like me.

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Tarsier Facts

Bohol_TarsierI live on Siau Island (Indonesia).

I am a Tarsier.  Although I only weigh approximately 2 – 6 ounces, I love to eat tasty insects and arthropods. I’m the size of a squirrel and not very tall, only 3-5 inches, but I can turn my head 180 degrees! Pretty cool, huh?

I live mostly in the trees and I really only like to play at night. I prefer life in lowland or low mountain forests, mangroves and scrubs.  I am from an island in Indonesia and I have cousins in Malaysia and southern Philippines. I have really big eyes and ears, and long tail and hind legs. All of these things help me to have a good life in the treetops.

I can leap a very far, sometimes over 16 feet. That’s like jumping the length 2 or 3 mommies or daddies standing on top of each other. My fingers and toes have pads and long nails which help them grip both the branches.  I have been practicing since the very day I was born.  You know that’s how a tarsier gets around.

Is the Tarsier an endangered species?

I am one of those animals on the endangered species list which means I am considered to be at very high risk of becoming extinct in the wild.  I could live up to 20 years in the wild. My home is very important to me, just like yours is to you. As the area that I live gets smaller and smaller, there are fewer and fewer places for us to live.  Hunters have also endangered me and my family. For a Tarsier, life in captivity doesn’t work well; very few of us Tarsiers manage to survive behind the bars.

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