Linsang Stuffed Animal

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Hi. I’m a Linsang and I am a stuffed animal that is soft and snuggly.  What makes me unique is that I am more than just a plush stuffed toy animal; I am also a rare and endangered animal.  Kids like you love to play and cuddle with me. I can also help to teach kids about endangered species and how everyone can help to protect animals like me.

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Facts about the Linsang

linsangI live in various countries throughout Southeast Asia. I am a nocturnal animal which means I sleep in the day and play at night. I have spots on my back and I’m slender and crawl so low we are often mistaken for a snake! My tail is long and fluffy with ten dark rings and can reach up to a foot long.  I only weigh approximately 1 to 3 pounds, but I’m about 14 to 16 inches long and my tail is another 12 inches or so long. My eyes are dark and large, so I can see well at night.

Much of my time is spent up in the trees where our nests are built in tree hollows.  We can leap through the trees when we want and crawl on the ground on our bellies when we’re hunting for food. We love to eat rodents, lizards and insects.

Is the Linsang an endangered species?

Linsangs, like me, are considered “Least Concern” which means we are at lowest risk. Thank goodness. Even though we’re at low risk, we are rarely seen. We’re tricky like that.

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