Greater Slow Loris Stuffed Animal

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Hi everyone. I’m the Greater Slow Loris and I am a snuggly and cute stuffed animal.  What makes me different from other stuffed animals is that I am more than just a plush stuffed animal; I am also a rare and endangered animal.  I help to teach kids about endangered species and how everyone can help to protect animals like me. Kids like you love to play and cuddle with me.

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Facts about the Greater Slow Loris

article-0-16835F4D000005DC-551_634x788I live in India, southeast Asian and Sri Lanka.  I live in the trees and like to play at night.  I can climb really high in the trees.  My tail is very small; I have very flexible wrist and ankle joints to maneuver along branches.  My grip is very strong so that I can hold on to branches for a long, long time. I have very big eyes which help me to see well at night.  When I sleep I like to curl up in a ball.

I can hang upside-down by my feet so I can easily catch my dinner with both hands. I like to eat bugs and insects, but I really like fruit.  After all I’m already up in the trees and that’s where all of the fruit is.

My cousins and I vary in size from very small like the Bornean Loris (only 9 to 11 ounces) to my cousin the Bengal Slow Loris who weighs between 2.2 and 4.6 pounds. We can live up to 15 or 20 years.

Is the Greater Slow Loris an endangered species?

Numbers of Lorises, like me, have dropped drastically in the last couple of years and places where we can live have gotten smaller.  We are hunted for pets and local customs. My cousin, the Slender Loris, is an endangered species while the rest of us Slow Lorises are considered critically endangered.

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