Emperor Tamarin Stuffed Animal

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Hi. I’m an Emperor Tamarin and I am a snuggly and rare stuffed animal.  I help to teach kids about endangered species and how everyone can help to protect animals like me. What makes me unique is that I am more than just a plush stuffed animal; I am also a rare and endangered animal.  Kids like you love to play and cuddle with me.

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Emperor Tamarin Facts

1201px-EmperorTamarin_CincinnatiZooI am a small species of monkey found in the forests of South America. I got my name because of my elegant white moustache, which is thought to resemble that of a German emperor.

I live with others like me and my cousins, the Bearded Emperor Tamarins, in the rainforests throughout Brazil and Peru.

We like to play during the day and we rest in the safety of the trees at night. I am very social.  I live with 2 to 8 other Tamarin monkeys. The eldest mommy is always leader and most of the rest of us are boys.

I like to eat fruits, insects and green plants along with small rodents and reptiles, eggs and tree sap.

Is the Emperor Tamarin an endangered species?

Because we are not very big, there are many predators within our natural environment. Wild cats, dogs, snakes and birds of prey are primary predators of the Emperor Tamarin, along with humans who are destroying our natural habitat.

We are not considered to be a species that is in imminent danger from extinction, but our population numbers are rapidly declining due to deforestation causing habitat loss in our natural environment.

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