PocketFuzzies as a Sensory Toy

PocketFuzzies are great plush toys for children who respond to soft textures.  These fluffy stuffed animals are easy to cuddle with and often become a child’s favorite bedtime friend.  The introduction of touch to a child’s senses provides important stimuli to a child’s development.

14CSome children are less responsive to hugs, cuddles and other demonstrations of affection.  Often this is interpreted as a personal rejection when it is more often a discomfort for the child. The introduction of textures to a child’s senses can help to develop better responses and improve their response to the world around them.

Children who have difficulty relating to touch find it more tolerable to associate touch when they anticipate it.  As well, these children may often find it easier to initiate hugging than receive it. Associating soft textures as a positive stimuli and affection may help to improve a child’s response and make them more comfortable and relaxed.

Pocketfuzzies are unique stuffed toys that provide a good source for soft textures that children seem to respond to well.  The convenient pocket helps to keep your child’s toy when not in use. We’re not medical professionals, but we’re seen and heard about the great responses from the kids with PocketFuzzies and we think you will too.